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Our company was born out of friendship between a group of very ambitious and talented people. That friendship moulded our team culture and it is part of who we are today.

Over the following years, we hired and trained craftsmen that showed distinct potential and proved to fit our culture. We make sure everyone that joins our team lives our values and principles the same way we do.

Braga, Portugal
13 people

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Product Web Development Mobile Development UI / UX

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João Magalhães

COO at Oncostats & Summer Intern

Two years have passed since I did my summer camp at Subvisual and such moment had a positive and powerful impact in my life.

Fernando mendes

Fernando Mendes

Summer Intern 2013 & Mentor 2018

There was nowhere else I could learn so much while staying true to myself.

You will learn from everybody, but these are the main mentors you will have during your internship.

Mentor robertomachado

Roberto Machado

Founder & CEO

Mentor franciscobaila

Francisco Baila


Mentor fernandomendes

Fernando Mendes


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Subvisual does not have any internship available right now. Please check back later.

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2018Summer Camp