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Nest Collective

We are a collective of product studios built around a vision: a place where people and ideas can grow to their fullest potential.

In 2015 a group of studios sharing a common love for creating great products both for clients and for themselves, joined together to create the Nest Collective. By working independently the studios remained flexible, agile and focused on their specific expertise. We thrive from the sharing of resources, projects and knowledge between companies. This way, Nest Collective can draw the best knowledge from each one of our specialized and independent studios, while still being able to handle larger and multi-tech projects.

Nowadays, Nest includes marketing and legal components as well, which allows us to cover all aspects of the business. We are proud of our way of doing things, our community involvement and, not to forget, our office space in Coimbra.

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Coimbra, Portugal
30 people

What you can learn at Nest Collective

Product Web Development Mobile Development UI / UX Marketing

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Maria Margarida

Summer Intern (2016)

Besides the knowledge I acquired by developing a product from scratch, with my internship I also gained friends, mentors and a “nest” where I always feel welcome.


Tomás Carvalho

Summer Intern (2017)

I learned a lot going through all the development process, such as idea development, prototyping, code reviewing, testing and deployment. I couldn’t have been more happy with the way I’ve spent my summer!

You will learn from everybody, but these are the main mentors you will have during your internship.


Miguel Antunes

CEO at Redlight


Pedro Cioga

Developer at Redlight


Cláudia Acabado

Founder and Designer at Bloco

Open Internships

Nest Collective does not have any internship available right now. Please check back later.

Past Internships

2017Summer Internship

2018Summer Internship 2018