Frequently Asked Questions

I work at a company. Why should we provide a short-term internship?

Check our reasons at our company page.

How do I submit an internship offer for Intern.Camp?

Get in touch with the team at [email protected].

What internships are adequate for Intern.Camp?

The requirements are:
- Short-term internships (up to 3 months long);
- Aimed at higher-education students, without a degree requirement;
- With a senior mentor in the area of the internship;

The internships we want to feature are meant to help students learn and experiment in a safe environment, not to directly produce client work and generate financial returns. Companies need to have the time and resources for mentoring the interns.

What’s the legal framework of the internships?

In Portugal, the internships called “non-funded professional internships” have the goal to allow newly graduates to enter the labor market. They enable a first contact with companies to apply their knowledge and to learn how the labor market really works. These internships may or may not be paid by the company that hire the intern and are regulated by the Decreto-Lei nº. 66/2011 de 01 de Junho.

Who selects and trains the trainees?

It’s the company's responsibility to select and recruit the interns. The company also provides all information regarding the internships available. Intern.Camp validates the companies, presents their internships and facilitates the application process.

How is the internship contract made?

It’s the company’s responsibility to present an internship contract to be signed by both parties. We’re working on a contract template that companies will be able to use and modify as they need.

What are the company's burdens?

It is mandatory to pay food allowance (subsídio de alimentação) and personal accident insurance for the interns.

Companies can choose to pay or not a wage to the intern. If the company wishes to pay the intern, the wage cannot be lower than the current value of the IAS, or €428.90, per month.

The main goal of the internships presented on Intern.Camp is to help students learn and experiment in a safe environment, not to produce client work and generate financial returns to companies. Even so, we encourage companies to pay a wage to interns, since it’s important they are able to support their living expenses.

What restrictions does the company have regarding the internship?

An intern counselor (mentor) must be appointed to each intern, who cannot provide guidance for more than three interns at the same time. The company and the intern cannot have more than one contract of very-short professional internship.

I have another question...

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we'll help.